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Olga Nunes   is a singer and songwriter. Now that you’re here, why don’t you check out a music video of one of Olga’s songs? It’s here: A Dream of Gardens. (It has lyrics by Neil Gaiman. It was directed by Team Genius.) You can download this song for free over on Bandcamp, along with songs from the Kickstarter-funded LAMP album. Thanks for stopping by!

These Humans Had Nice Things To Say, If You’re Into That Kinda Thing. 

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Art & Death

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Pictured: Neil Gaiman with Satine Phoenix, photo by Allan Amato If you’re curious what I’ve been up to recently– when I haven’t been hiding in a house somewhere in Scotland…


Anti-Theft Rube Goldberg Haunted House

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I came home a few weeks ago to find my door open and my window smashed in. In a panic, I ran in to assess the damage, phone in hand…


A Series of Snapshots

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Sunburned and so overwhelmingly happy from going to Pride in SF today. Snuck into City Hall just to clap when married couples exited the building.


How To Help Out In Boston

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One of my close friends, Becky Hurwitz, is currently living in Boston. She was one of the first numbers I frantically texted when news of the bombing began spreading over…