The Sirens Sound

By February 1, 2012Blog

Three minutes and forty-nine seconds.

Six months.

Two trips to the studio.

Countless nights mixing at home.

Lots of swearing.

An infinite amount of swearing.

That’s how Sirens– the third song off LAMP— was born.

Last night, myself, my best friends Jason and Allan sat around listening to Sirens on giant speakers, fresh from the mastering presses.

Allan hadn’t heard it before. Jason had, having written half of the music.

When the last strains of the song finished playing, Allan looked up, impressed, and gave me two of the best compliments he has ever given me.

And it is done. And I am relieved. And it is done. And you can have it, for your very own, for free, by clicking the download button below.

If you like it, pretty please share it with your friends. Send it in emails to strangers. Play it from boomboxes beneath the windows of your loved ones.

If you don’t like it, play it loudly from your car speakers while driving through the neighborhoods of your enemies.

Join the mailing list. Follow the Twitters. But most importantly…

Download the song. Take it home for your very own. Just clicky the wee download button below:


In the studio, photo by Shipwrek…


With Yosh of Dangerous Audio, listening to takes


La la la


Name in lights


Listen. Record. Listen. Record. Listen.

Three down. Seven to go.

In the meantime, the other parts of LAMP are simmering away in the background: finishing writing the last few few love letters. Planning the mystery event that will happen soon in San Francisco. Doing fancy things like getting a merch shop up and running.

Chantrelle took this amazing photo of herself wearing a LAMP necklace with the fabulous Tori Amos:


(You can see the necklace and other merch-bits here.)

And fancy fancy photos have been coming in from folks who got their Kickstarter rewards in the mail, from New York to Portugal to all the way in the Philippines. (Stupidly awesome.)

My favorite photo popped up on Twitter, and is here:

The Kickstarter merch reward bundle, photo by joss

Annnnnnnnd. People have been saying nice things about me. here and here. I updated the whole short-list of random press over here.

C’est fini! That is all. For now. More to come.



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