Olga was born in Montreal, Canada, to Spanish and Brazilian parents. Raised in Florida as a teenager, her first experience with music took the form of musical theatre.

Olga began writing songs in 2005, after a summer alone in a cabin in the middle of America spending days doing nothing but singing. Shortly thereafter, she did a solo cross-country road trip and ended up in a community just outside of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, where she was taught the basics of piano by a Buddhist monk.

Her first video was released in 2007, called A Dream Of Gardens, shot by Paper Beats Rock. The lyrics were written by Neil Gaiman, and based on a dream of hers. She then moved from Los Angeles to London, where she performed with her band.

In 2009, Olga recorded music for the xkcd parody song Boomdeyada, which was used in Noam Raby’s Boomdeyada video. She later co-produced and featured in an xkcd-inspired video for the same song, along with Wil Wheaton, Neil Gaiman, Cory Doctorow, and a score of others.

In 2010 Olga launched a Kickstarter project for the forthcoming album LAMP, a series of songs with a fictional story woven around them, told in videos and art installations.

She has released four albums digitally through Bandcamp, along with several collaborations with San Francisco producer Shipwrek.

Olga is currently living in San Francisco and working towards the release of her next album, LAMP.

“If you haven’t heard her, I’m confident you will.”

–Abie Philbin Bowman, The Third I, Ireland