Clearing The Inventory, Weaning Yourself Off Brain Crack, Waving To The Genius In The Walls

By February 17, 2009Blog

First, videos you need to see.

Second, in an attempt to wean myself off of the brain crack I’m clearing my inventory of random bits. Here are little zygotes of songs, stuff that’s gotten emailed to friends but hasn’t really hit daylight, languishing in the back of my closet. They’re kind of like flipping through a book of pencil sketches rather than oil paintings, but I think the zygotes need to get unpacked.

I used to have reoccurring dreams about abandoned babies and animals in infancy. I’d forget they existed, and later find them parched or starving, on the brink of death or shriveled and gone. I think the dreams were about leaving ideas to die in the back of closets.

Related: earlier tonight I said to a friend that playing music alone in a room is like lighting a fire in a bottle. The oxygen runs out when you’re alone, and the fire gets extinguished by your conviction it’s not good enough for the air… but either way the second it hits the air, it breathes, and lives, and the fire grows.

So maybe, in the land of mixed metaphors, I’m airing out my sketchbook… or setting fire to my puppies.. or something along those lines. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Download: Airborne
                   Pretty_Brave (Brokenglass Mix)
                   Broken Birds
                   a tiny song from the living room piano

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  • Annie

    Thanks for the beautiful songs…I especially love a tiny song from the living room piano.

  • Elaine

    Olé! (olé! olé! olé!)

  • Elaine

    Ah, gobshite stoopid symbols!
    It doesn’t understand the fada/acute e system at ALL 😛
    Lessee. Try again:
    OLE! (ole! ole! ole!)