Coming Out Of Hiding

By November 27, 2012Blog

On Thanksgiving, I spent the day drawing messages on bits of paper. I saw a quote David Mack shared on Twitter. He was paraphrasing Die Antwoord, something that Yo-Landi said to Ninja:

“Imagine your most awesome future version of yourself. Now be that person.”

The image stuck with me. I grabbed a sharpie and drew the message over and over, sitting on my floor.

I made 20? 30? Of them?

And I decided I was going to fold them into paper airplanes, go to the movies, and throw them at people.

My best friend and I went off to the theater, and it was desolate. The trick then, was to throw the paper airplanes places people would find them. We hit elevator buttons and tossed the paper airplanes into empty elevators, as the doors closed. We sailed them down hallways.

We stalked the places we left them, and saw how people subconsciously stepped over them on the floor, never looking down. Knowing enough something was on the ground, enough to avoid it, but not interested in whatever it was.

The first person I saw pick one up was a small girl, maybe seven years old.

We said after, that this was probably the best possible person to get lost in imagining their best future self.

The next morning, we went to eat, and I had an airplane on the table next to me. I accidentally nudged it, and both myself and the waitress looked down just as it landed on the floor between us.

“Where did THAT come from?” She asked, delighted.

I shrugged, “I have no idea,” smiling. The waitress picked it up, laughing, and asked the wait staff if they’d been throwing paper airplanes. She drew her hand back in the air and let it sail into the air above us, into the kitchen.

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