The Story: Chapter One

Chapter One tells the story of Lamp and Lux, two people who haven't spoken in years. One day Lux receives a package she assumes can only be from him, full of old skeleton keys and no return address. Where have you gone? She decides to write him a letter, places it in a bottle tied to a balloon, and sends the message into the sky, hoping it will find its way to him. Come back, come back to me...

Be Part Of The Story

The story of Lamp and Lux doesn't exist without you. Their story has been woven together from love letters and ephemera that you've sent in. Email your letters, ones you've received or written, to be part of LAMP. (Don't worry: It can be made anonymous upon request.) Don't have one? Write a letter to someone you love, and email it to

Chapter One: San Francisco

The first chapter of LAMP ends with a secret event in the streets of San Francisco. A hundred letters from Lux will be placed in a hundred bottles, with a mystery for you to solve. Want to come? Join the list below and you'll be notified when it's happening!

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