Lamp, the New Album, and Kickstarter

By November 14, 2010Blog

I’ve been working on a secret project for months.

It started with a dream. Literally: last July, I dreamt I met the founders of Kickstarter, and posted it on Twitter. I got a tweet response from a random someone named @shinyee_au:

olganunes: Had a dream I met the people behind @kickstarter. #noideawhatthismeans

shinyee_au: @olganunes subconsciously, you want to start a project 🙂

olganunes: Well… consciously, I want to start about five @kickstarter projects. 😉 RT @shinyee_au: subconsciously, you want to start a project 🙂

shinyee_au: @olganunes do it, we’d love to have you!

…wait. …"we"? I wonder. Who is "we"? I look up her profile, and see her name is Cindy Au, and she WORKS for Kickstarter.

A few hours later I received an email from Cindy, who does– more or less– artist research and development for Kickstarter. She’d found my website through Twitter, listened to all my music posted online, and found my contact address.

I was totally, completely floored. Not only had this woman gone through all the trouble of seeking me out, she loved what I was doing and wanted to be sure I used Kickstarter to do it.

So I decided. I’m making an album. A first– a finished, mastered, physical release, to share with people. And I wanted to build a story around the music, to give people a way to be part of the album, and to walk through the music with me. I made a pitch video for Kickstarter explaining more about what I was going to create, and a trailer for chapter one of the story.

Watch here:


Here’s the trailer on YouTube:


And here’s the first single:

For days, I’ve been furtively sneaking glances at the Kickstarter page, watching the number zoom higher and higher at ridiculous rates. Twelve percent. Thirty-two percent. Seventy-one percent. At one in the morning last night, I was drowsily heaped in a pile on a hotel bed in New Orleans, waiting for a flight back to San Francisco, and half-asleep clicking the reload button every few minutes, watching it dance intoxicatingly closer– ninety-seven. Ninety-eight.


And at 1:22AM, just over thirty-six hours after putting it up, the final donation came in from @heymister, pushing it just over 100%.


I couldn’t believe people were still awake, but text messages and tweets started flickering on my phone: CONGRATULATIONS.

But what was even more awesome, was seeing all the messages popping up on Facebook and on Twitter, from people saying they loved LAMP and wanted to see it happen. People, out there, who actually wanted this to EXIST.

That’s some kind of awesome madness, right there. 😀

AND THERE’S TWENTY-FIVE DAYS LEFT. Which is mind-boggling.

So.. what do we do now?

What… what if… we could DOUBLE the goal? OR TRIPLE IT!?

*hides under the bed*

It could happen. And the more that LAMP gets, the cooler and bigger the story of LAMP could become.

Here’s how you can help. Check out the rewards on Kickstarter, and if you like the project, donate.

And if you REALLY like it, tell your friends. Send an email. Or click the Twitter or Facebook links below.

I’m really excited to get the chance to make this real, and I’m even more excited about being able to have so many people play with me in making this story. Thanks SO SO SO much, in general, for being awesome. Because this project? Doesn’t exist without you. 🙂

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