Love Letters Are Falling Out Of The Sky

By February 1, 2013Blog

More than a year ago, I put out a call for strangers to send me their love letters.

They began arriving almost immediately. Heart-breaking attachments in my email, permanently creased folded notes in the mail. Some were letters people had been carrying since childhood. Secrets. Fragments of beautiful things that couldn’t be forgotten.

× × ×

My plan was to create a story out of them.

A story of letters, and memories, and love.

I would take the love letters that had been sent to me, and write a story of love letters around them.

× × ×

This is a picture of a sailboat named Aphrodite. I stayed here and covered every available surface in love letters, writing away. 


× × ×

I wrote one hundred of them.

× × ×

The story would begin with a girl putting letters in bottles, tying them to balloons, and sending them into the sky.

I would write songs around them, a soundtrack for lost letters, called LAMP.

× × ×

And last of all, I wanted it to be a story that people could be part of.

× × ×

The Saturday before Valentine’s Day, I am taking a small army of people, and hiding one hundred love letters all over San Francisco.

The letters made up of pieces of strangers and bits of fiction and things in-between will be strewn about the streets, waiting for people to find them.

Waiting for people to help unravel a mystery.

× × ×

Should you be interested in appearing in person, a secret organization called the Society of Lost Letters has been tracking the possible locations of these love letters.

This may be a good place to start.

For those not stationed near San Francisco, the letters that are discovered on Saturday will appear as they are found at The Society of Lost Letters’ website.

× × ×

There’s not much more to say, not yet. But suffice it to say, this has been extraordinarily fun, and there’s more untold things to come. 

Until next time. 

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