Making The World Smaller

By May 19, 2011Blog

It’s night time in the San Francisco Mission. Star St. Germain is pinned between myself and Kim Boekbinder in Kim’s tiny white pickup. We have just high-fived for making the world considerably smaller, after dining on beignets and ice cream while swapping stories.

I love making the world smaller.

At dinner, Star talked to us about this amazing project she worked on that is as captivating as she made it sound, called We Are Giving Up. Two musicians, two albums, each documenting the same road trip across America from different directions. The fascinating thing, is each album can be played simultaneously with the other, and the outcome magically, serendipitously just works.

Go here to listen: We Are Giving Up.

Click the star to hear both albums at the same time. Marvel.

Also take a gander at the music video that Kim’s lovely man Jim Batt is working on (with Molly Crabapple!): I Have Your Heart.

And. My friend Allan Amato, who was not at dinner, but who has coincidentally photographed Molly recently, should also be mentioned in this link-pile of art-love. He’s doing a brilliant Kickstarter project based around Parkinson’s, and has shot stunning photographs of Terry Gilliam, Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith, Grant Morrison and more. Go, if only to ogle the pictures. Support, if only to get one of these pictures for your very own.

I love having such passionate, driven people in my life.

It means getting calls at midnight with someone wanting to read me a story, to see if it works.

It means photos sitting in my email, and music videos, and letters that might as well be poems, from friends scattered around the world.

It means my best friend playing me songs in his apartment at all hours of the day or night, each inching closer to being released in the world, and getting to witness them grow, like baby birds in the nest, right before they take off.

I’m infinitely grateful.

It’s inspiring.

In the meantime, I am slowly working in the background on LAMP songs, and soon the floodgates will burst open.

The hardest part is the most solitary, and maybe the least publicly interesting. It involves a lot of staring at a screen that looks a lot like this, clicking, listening, clicking, and listening some more. (A friend who is a recording engineer told me recently that he describes himself as a Professional Listener.) I’m teaching myself music production, which is a longer road than I’d hope for, but I’m definitely learning a lot as I go. The songwriting is not the hard part. Recording is the hard part.

Fortunately? It’s also ridiculously fun. The next song is called Sirens, and is dizzingly close to being done, with another hot on its heels.

Soon. So very soon.

(If you want to get a link to Sirens the moment it’s released, as ever, join the mailing list below– you’ll be sent infrequent and awesome surprises..)

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