By November 5, 2008Blog

I’m a continent away from the soil in which change is being fostered.  But I still woke up today with my heart like Christmas morning, giddy and girlish and full of love.
Last night I walked to the corner store in my London neighborhood, and right at the counter was a little old English woman asking the young Indian man behind the counter, “Who do you want to win?  Obama, right?”  They both agree, with hope and instant camaraderie in their eyes.  I chime in.
“You two are making me so happy right now!”  I say in my unmistakable American accent.
The woman looks at me and tells me that all of Europe, if certainly not the entire world, wants Obama to be president.
And now it is November 5th, and the world is a different place than it was the day before.  I am so happy to be alive for it.

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  • Joss

    I just teared up at this!