Hit The Ground Running

By May 24, 2011Blog

I like life best when it’s at zero or sixty: all introspection and huddled blankets and fireplaces in the middle of the woods, or motorcycles and sunrises from the wrong end and adventure and singing in alleyways.

Last weekend was nearer to sixty.

My best friend Jason and I drove down to Los Angeles in some sort of marathon endeavor last Friday, singing Banana Pancakes, eating shitty fast food and racing against the clock. We had less than forty-eight hours until we had to be back in San Francisco for an event Sunday morning.

We arrived at favorite human and wunderkind photographer Allan Amato’s studio early Friday, just in time to be random hands-on-deck to help with a shoot.

The model: Andy Dick.

(Taken on my iPhone. Click to see more.)

Mostly this involved hanging out, searching Los Angeles for random cigar props, and moving lights around when Allan said to. 
I didn’t really know who Andy was when I met him– I will say he has the capability to be quite charismatic. And he seems like a man with a whirlwind of a mad life

The next day, after a night of endless running around, Allan, Jason and I went back to the studio to build and decorate a set for the LAMP album cover.

This is the set, in a little corner of Allan’s studio, built from abandoned wood planks and random ephemera.  I was super proud of it:

(Click to embiggen.)

And this is the photo Allan took, which arrived in my inbox less than two days later:


(Click to embiggenify.)

The man is fucking brilliant. (He photographed Jason’s album cover too, but it’s still being magic-tricked out.) Allan just finished shooting and directing a music video with our friend Tas Limur, for lovely English songstress Sonja Kristina.

(It’s his first music video. I think they outdid themselves. See for yourself.)

After a sped-up rest of the weekend, I woke up Monday morning to Kevin Smith calling me an art chick.

Kevin has a new daily live podcast, called Smodcast, and launched an ad spot program that was cheap enough that I’d try giving it a shot. I actually can’t stop listening to Plus One Per Diem, the podcast he does with his wife, Jen Schwalbach. Their dynamic is fascinating to me, and really fun to hear, so taking out an ad on their show seemed like a fun experiment. You can listen to the result below:

  *       *       *      

Finally: I realized something important.

I’ve been burning out a little on music production for Sirens (the next song on LAMP) and it occurred to me that part of the problem is I haven’t written any music in ages. Lots of listening, tweaking, perfecting– but no writing.

So I’m launching a new section of the site, called Sketchbook. It is what it sounds like. I’ll throw works in progress, minute-song experiments, and random sketches in there in a sort of music-diary-pile. I’ll post links to new entries on Twitter as they go up, or if you like, you can follow me on Soundcloud.

The first entry is a minute song I wrote when listening to Sirens for the thousandth time was driving me bonkers. It may turn into a real song. Maybe. You can check it out on the Sketchbook here, or just hit play below.

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