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By February 6, 2010Blog
Olga Nunes is a singer and songwriter. Now that you’re here, why don’t you check out a music video of one of Olga’s songs? It’s here: A Dream of Gardens. (It has lyrics by Neil Gaiman. It was directed by Team Genius.) You can download this song for free over on the music page, along with 23 other songs, and Olga singing the xkcd boomdeyada song. Thanks for stopping by!

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Neil Gaiman, Wil Wheaton, Cory Doctorow
Lawrence Lessig, Bruce Schneier, Jason Kottke
Google Zurich, Hank Green, MC Frontalot, Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Mr. Toast
Miss Cellania, Team Genius, Phil Plait, Allan Amato, Maddy Gaiman, Charissa Gilreath
Belinda Casas, Chuck Martinez, Jeremy James, Joanna Gaunder, Lee Israel
& Octavio Coleman Esq. of The Jejune Institute


Creative Commons License

01. We love momentum – Elaine Doyle & Olga Nunes
02. I love to engineer – David Beaumont & Google Zurich
03. I love this bakery — Hank Green (Brotherhood2.0, Nerdfighters)
04. I love the blogosphere — Cory Doctorow (BoingBoing)
05. I love the whole world – Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy)
06. And all its messed up folks — Lawrence Lessig
07. Boomdeyada Boomdeyada — Miss Cellania (Neatorama)
08. I love your suffering — Allan Amato
09. I love cryptography — Bruce Schneier
10. I love entangled sheets — Olga Nunes, Belinda Casas, Chuck Martinez, Jeremy James, Joanna Gaunder, Lee Israel
11. And kite photography — Charissa Gilreath
12. I love the whole world — Jason Kottke (kottke.org)
13. I love a mystery  — Neil Gaiman
14. Boomdeyada Boomdeyada  — Mr. Toast
15. Boomdeyada Boomdeyada  — MC Frontalot
16. I love elections – Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden  (Making Light)
17. I love transistors — MC Frontalot
18. I love weird pillow talk — Team Genius
19. I love your sister   — Neil Gaiman & Maddy Gaiman
20. I love the whole world — Octavio Coleman Esq.
21. The future’s pretty cool – Wil Wheaton
22. Boomdeyada Boomdeyada – Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden  (Making Light)
23. Boomdeyada Boomdeyada – Team Genius

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  • http://j00j.livejournal.com j00j

    This totally made my evening! I love it!

  • http://hautran.com/blog Hau

    Aww! I love those Discovery channel commercials, and I love your tribute to xkcd’s tribute 🙂

  • http://hymnos.existenz.ch christian

    Wow. Words fail me, so: 🙂
    No, I really mean: :-))))))

  • Alice

    I LOVE it! Pure genius : )

  • http://hevist.tumblr.com/ Miquel


  • http://www.venivincere.com Veni

    Fabulous! You guys did an awesome job! 😀

  • http://sneedleflipsock.com/theblog/ flipsockgrrl

    I thought the original animated tribute was fabulous – now you’ve poured awesome sauce all over it! Thanks for sharing the result 🙂

  • http://www.ahklein.homestead.com I.M. Bananas

    Very cute. Brightened my day 🙂

  • Owen

    This was fantastic! Thanks for making this. It really made my day. I am sharing it with everyone. 🙂

  • http://magpiebessie.blogspot.com/ Magpie Bessie

    This made me crazy happy! Thank you!

  • http://ildave.tumbrl.com Dave

    I loved this, and I love xkcd too!

  • http://hughstimson.org Hugh Stimson

    Am I… crying?

  • Jane Hawkins

    You purely and completely rock. 🙂

  • http://www.blitter.co.uk Glenn

    Yay! And now for it to win the internet…

  • Alejandro Bustelo

    That video was really great! I love the Discovery commercials. The songs are so catchy and the XKCD version is way cool. This is awesome. 😀

  • Everfalling

    boo Octavio Coleman! Down with false nonchalance!

  • http://thomblake.com Thom Blake

    For something that was probably logistically difficult, the production values are not very good. It seems like you could’ve cleaned up the difference in the video quality a bit, and the audio sounded like it was not produced at all. Perhaps spend a couple weeks editing and post again?

  • Jackie


  • http://olganunes.com olga

    ..but he seems like such a nice man.

  • http://www.getbackyourexnow.com Johnny

    This video exemplifies the sheer awesomeness of the internet. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Look at about :50, it’s Octavio Coleman, Esquire.
    Beware of this man! He’s been installing these green boxes on sidewalks all over the city that interfere with normal operation of your brain in subtle ways.

  • Jessica

    Love the song 😀 hehe

  • Madrigorne

    This has made me so happy I am in tears. Love you!

  • Mikko

    Wauw. this is so heart warming and sweet. It gave me the fuzzies inside 🙂
    We love xkcd.org 🙂

  • Ashley the Physicist

    I just shared this on Facebook! My social network and I thank you for making our lives that much better. =)

  • http://www.ocai-online.com/ Marcel

    I love the puppets, they remind me of the muppets!

  • Diablo

    Haha I was reminded of sesame street.