Wildlife Preserve For Fledgling Songs

By November 3, 2008Blog

I’ve been writing snatches of songs that never make it into the wild.

I’ve been working too much.


I had an AMAZING gig.

I’ve been making wondrous long-lost new friends.

AND I bought shiny new super-cheap thrift store amazing gloves.

(Overwhelming Super-Gloves Of Cuteness.)

Bonus pictured: Elaine and me from our trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Pictured elsewhere: other things I’ve been doing in the last great while. And here.

Not pictured: beautiful Halloween costume given to me by dear friends
where I was a harem girl. Or a lamp genie, according to a nice English
stranger who stopped me in the street. Oh yes. I rode the London Underground
half-naked decked in shiny jeweled material in the freezing cold.

Super bonus: the lo-fi taping of Feather for the London gig, reincarnated into a folk song that should be played on a porch to an audience of fireflies.

Download: Feather (Live)

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