Art & Death

By August 23, 2014Blog
Pictured: Neil Gaiman with Satine Phoenix, photo by Allan Amato

If you’re curious what I’ve been up to recently– when I haven’t been hiding in a house somewhere in Scotland writing songs on a baby grand piano, I’ve been helping out with various amazing projects.

The first is my very dear friend Allan Amato’s Temple of Art documentary film, that begs the question: why do we make art?

One of my two favorite things this month was going to shoot the amazing Barron Storey for Temple of Art– I came up with a concept for a miniature short film to do with Barron, Allan directed and shot it, I edited it and Elisabeth Evans helped me color-grade the thing when we were done.

The result gives me chills every time I watch it. Mostly because Barron talking about art just makes me want to get off my ass and work harder.


(You can pre-order the Temple of Art film HERE.)

The second favorite thing this month was when Neil Gaiman called me yesterday and asked if I would direct and shoot his ice bucket challenge for ALS.

Obviously I said yes.

We both came up with an idea together– or rather, he called me, and said “this is my idea” and I said “that’s exactly what I was planning to do!” Magic.

The result is pretty adorable– Allan Amato ended up doing the filming, I directed the humans around, and the fantastic Cat Mihos helped out, and many women came dressed as Death. (Among them, Elisabeth Evans, Satine Phoenix, Stephanie Inagaki, V Nixie and Melanee Nelson.)


Photo by Cat Mihos

And if, like me, after watching that video you feel deeply compelled to donate to ALS? You can (and should!) do so HERE.

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