How To Help Out In Boston

By April 18, 2013Blog
One of my close friends, Becky Hurwitz, is currently living in Boston. She was one of the first numbers I frantically texted when news of the bombing began spreading over Twitter.  She is, thankfully, alright, but she sent me an email this morning about raising funds for one of the victims of the bombing, below.

Maybe you’re unsure how to help from wherever you are in the world. This is one way you can reach out and touch a family who was very seriously affected.

The email:

Hi friends,

Thanks so much for all of the messages on Monday checking in about my safety.  It seems that all of the people I know here are safe and well.  Sadly, one of our grad students, Chris Peterson, lost a family friend, the young boy, Martin, who was killed in the bombing.  Martin was waiting with his mom and sister near the finish line for their dad to finish the race.  His mom and sister are in critical condition still.  This is Chris’s blog note about Martin.

Chris, his brothers, and our lab group put together a way of receiving donations for the family.  Funds will be gifted through WePay and received into a special fund administered by their neighborhood community group.  All of the funds will go directly to the family.

If you are inclined, please consider donating a bit for the family.  They have a long road ahead of them in so many ways.  

Here is the link to the Richard Family Fund:

My love,


ps. There are many families affected by Monday, of course, and if you are inclined to donate something, but would rather donate to a more general fund, Boston City Gov set up this fund –OneFund, to receive donations to support recovery.

Feel free to pass this on to whomever is looking for a way to help. 
Love. Love. Love.

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