Olga Nunes   is a singer and songwriter. Now that you’re here, why don’t you check out a music video of one of Olga’s songs? It’s here: A Dream of Gardens. (It has lyrics by Neil Gaiman. It was directed by Team Genius.) You can download this song for free over on Bandcamp, along with songs from the Kickstarter-funded LAMP album. Thanks for stopping by!

Lamp: A Story-Adventure Album

Hit play on that there fancy player on your left and move your earholes close to your speaker bits. Closer. Closer…Too close. Wait– there. Just right.

Lamp is a an album with a story wrapped around it, unfolding through love letters, live events, video and more. Funded by Kickstarter and recorded in San Francisco, Lamp has given way to a fun rabbit hole of an adventure full of equal parts whimsy, wonder and mystery. Preorder the album now, or grab the first couple tracks, free.

Download Find Out A Lil' More

Maps For The Open Road EP

See that there music player on your right? Incline your head in the direction of your speakery bits, and firmly click that play button.

Maps For The Open Road was recorded in bits and pieces in Los Angeles, California and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Featuring collaborations with San-Francisco-based electronic producer Shipwrek as well as the illustrious Neil Gaiman, this EP is sound music to accompany long drives and meandering journeys across open country.

Download Find Out A Lil' More

Last Call

A compilation of minute-long songs, midnight song sketches, a capella bits and live songs. These tiny songs were turned around in as much as a day and as little as an afternoon. Think of it as a music sketchbook.

Minute Minute Month

A collection of minute-long songs written three times a week for a month, in the summer of 2008. Each song was forged in the wee hours in a recording studio in London, generally written and recorded in the space of a single night.

All the toy piano songs! Octopods, loop pedals, toast, pie, tiny pianos, parades and also cake.

Singing with the glorious Allan Amato, with bonus appearance by sock puppets and fantastic Laurie Pink doodling.

The lovely xkcd wrote a song about why the world is wonderful & I cover it here with, well, everyone.